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June 18, 2020

The spring runs of shad, striped bass, white perch, and herring are all finished up at Fletcher’s and we are now transitioning into our summertime fishery. Catfish will be the […]

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Date: 06.18.2020 Category: Fletcher's Fishing Feed

March 27, 2020

The shad fishing since my last report has improved in the Fletcher’s Cove area. Anglers from the shoreline and private watercraft are catching hickory shad with regularity and the occasional […]

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Date: 03.27.2020 Category: Fishing Report Fletcher's Fishing Feed

March 24, 2020

The Potomac finally got some much needed flow and color thanks to rain over the weekend.  Unfortunately those same weather systems brought back cold air temperatures which in turn dropped […]

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Date: 03.24.2020 Category: Fishing Report Fletcher's Fishing Feed

Fletcher’s Opened Postponed

Fletcher’s has postponed our anticipated opening date in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We will continue to monitor the situation but we do not feel we can safely maintain proper […]

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Date: 03.23.2020 Category: Fishing Report Fletcher's Fishing Feed

March 20, 2020

A couple warm days have increased river temperature, that paired with a shot of current from recent rain has slightly improved fishing for all species present in the river. The […]

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Date: 03.20.2020 Category: Fishing Report Fletcher's Fishing Feed

Projected opening date March 28th

Due to the coronavirus Fletchers has pushed our opening date to March 28th. Obviously this is a developing situation and could change in the coming week. Updates will be made […]

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Date: 03.17.2020 Category: Fishing Report Fletcher's Fishing Feed

March 16, 2020

Not much change since my last report. Low flow has been the story of the season so far. Shad and herring depend on current to signal them to swim upstream […]

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Date: 03.16.2020 Category: Fishing Report Fletcher's Fishing Feed

March 10, 2020

The fishing season on our nations river has officially begun. We may not be off to a fast start but at least it’s a start. With many warm days in […]

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Date: 03.10.2020 Category: Fishing Report Fletcher's Fishing Feed

June Fishing Report

With the non-stop action of shad season over we have entered into the typical early summer fishing pattern at Fletchers. This is not necessarily a bad thing, June can offer […]

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Date: 06.18.2019 Category: Fishing Report Fletcher's Fishing Feed

June 24, 2018

The flow of the Potomac at Fletcher’s has been too high for rentals most of the time since my last report. It’s been a frustrating period for anglers. Prior to […]

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Date: 06.24.2018 Category: Fishing Report Fletcher's Fishing Feed

Report from Fletcher’s Cove

Like a roller-coaster ride, April angling at Fletcher’s Cove was a series of dramatic highs and sudden, plunging drops of stomach churning speed. Several times during the month the Potomac […]

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Date: 05.11.2018 Category: Fishing Report

May 6, 2018

Fantastic shad bite at Fletcher’s over the last several days.  Majority of shad have been American shad but there have been a few hickories mixed in. Striped bass still scattered around […]

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Date: 05.06.2018 Category: Fletcher's Fishing Feed

April 29, 2018

The river is on the mend….again. The high water of the weekend is started to move out and clear up.  Despite the unfavorable conditions there have been shad, perch, and […]

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Date: 04.29.2018 Category: Fletcher's Fishing Feed

April 23, 2018

After almost a week of high and muddy water we are now back to normal conditions here at Fletchers.  Hickory shad and American shad are being caught from boats and […]

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Date: 04.23.2018 Category: Fletcher's Fishing Feed

April 19, 2018

The Potomac crest yesterday at just over 8ft on the Little Falls gauge bringing with it the usual driftwood and muddy water.  The Fletcher’s crew secured equipment and dock from the […]

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Date: 04.19.2018 Category: Fletcher's Fishing Feed

April 17, 2018

As the river continues to rise from Sundays rain Fletchers begins to secure boats and dock from the increasing current and driftwood that is making its way through the watershed. […]

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Date: 04.17.2018 Category: Fletcher's Fishing Feed

Report from Fletcher’s Cove

Signs of spring in Washington appear well before the season itself. As noted by Louis J. Halle in his book of the same name, Spring in Washington arrives in fits […]

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Date: 04.04.2018 Category: Fishing Report

Old Town Camden 120 – $650

Specs: Length: 12′ 6″ Width: 28.5” Weight: 51 lbs Max Rider Weight: 350-400 lbs Features: Active comfort system 2.0 Click Seal hatch with bulkhead Support Track foot brace system Deck […]

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Date: 11.15.2017 Category: Used Boat Sale

Report from Fletcher’s Cove

Fletcher’s Cove rental season will end on Sunday, October 29th. If you want to take a paddle or row at our little slice of “wilderness in D.C.” (or as close […]

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Date: 10.15.2017 Category: Fishing Report

Wilderness Systems Pungo – $650

Specs: Length: 12′ Width: 29” Weight: 49 lbs Max Rider Weight: 325 lbs Features: Large open cockpit makes it easy to get in and out and provides extra room to […]

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Date: 09.25.2017 Category: Used Boat Sale