Fountain of Youth Boat Tour

Experience the Fountain of Youth Eco/Heritage tour, departing four times daily. This 50-minute excursion takes you through the captivating De Leon Springs State Park and Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge. Relax in a comfortable seat as the Fountain of Youth Boat Tour sets sail, sharing the fascinating story of these “healing waters” named by the Mayaca Indians. Witness nature in action, with osprey diving for fish and alligators basking in the sun. Discover the area’s rich 6,000-year history and delve into intriguing myths. Whether you’re intrigued by Ponce de Leon’s presence or simply fascinated by the surroundings, we guarantee an enjoyable experience with us.


50 Minutes

More info

  • De Leon Springs is a very popular park. Lines to enter the park can be long in the early morning and at peak times. Plan to arrive more than 1 hour early to ensure you make your tour.
  • If you plan on eating at the Old Sugar Mill, make sure to get your name on the list before boarding to decrease your wait time on shore.

What to bring

  • Binoculars
  • A camera
  • Sunglasses/hat (the boat is totally shaded, but sun exposure varies with the movement of the boat)
  • Bug spray